For all strangers your data is hidden and photos are blurry.

Interesting People

You have 50 messages. Do not spend it on idle chatter.

Real Map

You can see the people nearby on real map.


If you do not want to share data, no one sees them!

Open the map and find a stranger

Open Geoscope, find stranger and start chat. You can use a quick search by parameters to make your search easier.

I want details!

Tell about yourself with 50 messages

You can not speak with stranger indefinitely. You have to decide from the first message if you interested in this stranger. But remember that not only you choose him but he also chooses you. Can You to interest stranger?

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Send the request to share data

If stranger accepts your request, then there will be an infinite number of messages. Also, you will see data each other — phone, Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, you will see the real photos of each other.